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anthony of murdering her little girl. >> we, the jury, find the defendant not guilty. >> shepard: now some potentially explosive evidence about a computer search somebody did on the day little caylee disappeared. and this was no ordinary parade can a gety. >> snn colon and then a number. >> shepard: shredded police documents apparently reigning down on the thanksgiving day crowd. >> i didn't know what to make of all of this information. >> tonight, investigation and police respond. but first from fox this monday night, some republicans are now saying they are willing to break their no tax hikes pledge to keep us all from going right over the fiscal cliff at the end of the year. it's pretty new and that's when pretty much everybody's taxes will go up if congress and the president can't cut a deal. g.o.p. leaders insist they still do not want to raise tax rates. instead, they say they would rather close loopholes and limit deductions. the white house says frankly that's not good enough. aides say president obama spoke with the house speaker john boehner and the senate majority leader harry r
, felicidades tito, y también un disco que da mucho de qué hablar, cuéntanos del tema con marc anthony. >>> primero que todo, quiero darle las gracias a la población hispana por el apoyo masivo, con el gran tema con marc anthony, al gente quiere darle paso a nuevas cosas en la vida, la historia relata el amor que le diste lo mejor de ti y no te correspondió igual, así que la idea al componer una canción que todo el mundo se identifique. >>p>precisamente , marc anthony que colabora contigo en este tema, dijo que después de su separación con marc anthony, vamos a escuchar a marc anthony . >>> pasé como seis meses poniendo su música, era lo único que quería oír, estaba pasando por un tiempo bastante difícil para ese entonces, pero su música tuvo que ver me di cuenta de la importancia de la música en ese momento porque me hacía falta. >>> qué lindo, tito, porque la música tiene el mensaje tan optimista de salir adelante. >>> este album tiene una combinación de ritmos urbanos, bachata, merengue y sobre todo el amor, esa intmidad romántica, cuando llegas a la intimidad may
: we spent this thanksgiving day at st. anthony's where the lines were long and the need this year appears to have been greater. >> reporter: every year at st. anthony's there are new faces and those families that come back year after year. >> very clean. >> reporter: they have been coming to st. anthony's for 7 years. >> we live in traditional housing program. sometimes it is hard to meet the food. always short on food. >> reporter: st. anthony's will serve 4,000 peoples on this thanksgiving day. the need has increased this year despite an improving economy. >> our folks felt the recession in 2008. they will feel the effects of coming out of it the last. >> reporter: st. anthony's has been providing thanksgiving dinner for 63 years. and a few blocks away at glide memorial church he has been feeding those in need on thanksgiving for 50 years. >> the homeless,less, the poor get their needs met. at least several days of the year. >> reporter: glide memorial church served thousands of meals on this thanksgiving. it is important to give during the holidays. they need people's time all
for south africa. >> tired of turkey after thanksgiving? how about some sushi. anthony more dane talk to us about the food that inspired his new graphic novel. welcome to our viewers on public television in america and around the globe. across egypt today there have been violent protests following the president's decision to grant himself sweeping new powers. buildings belonging to the muslim brotherhood party have been ransacked, with some set on fire. the president says he has taken on the powers to help steer the country through the difficult transition to democracy, but critics claim he is trying to make himself a new pharaoh. >> fury in egypt as president morsi gives himself a big, new powers. there were protests across the country. in cairo, the crowds flooded back to tahrir square, where last year they celebrated the ousting of hosni mubarak. now they say the new president has become even more of the dictator with an edict saying the courts cannot challenge him. >> he is taking more power than mubarak. >> it was only days ago that the president was basking in the world and american a
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of evidence in the casey anthony murder trial get overlooked? >>> plus, a new report on what disgraced cia director david petraeus is planning to do next. you're watching "early today." >>> hey. there. welcome back. here are some stories making news this morning. "the new york times" reports that former cia director david petraeus is fighting off cabin fever after his november 9th resignation. friends say he is considering teaching posts at four universities and publishing proposals, possible speaking or corporate board offers, and he has not ruled out a job as a television analyst. >>> the indianapolis explosion that killed two people is forcing the demolition of about 30 homes in the surrounding neighborhood. police are still investigating the november 10th blast. >>> new evidence shows that someone in casey anthony's house did a computer search for the term "fool-proof suffocation" on the day 2-year-old caylee anthony died, but it was misspelled with an "i," and prosecutors never knew about it. casey anthony was acquitted of her daughter's murder in 2011. >>> president obama, his wife a
contar ni contactar al pediatra. >> vuelve el caso de casey anthony en la ciudad de orlando, esta vez el juez, el jefe de la policÍa del condado orange dungy que los investigadores pasaron por alto prueba de que alguien puso ko en internet informaciÓn sobre mÉtodos de asfixia el mismo dÍa que la niÑa de 2 aÑos de medio fue vista por Última vez. >> al regresar en tan sÓlo segundos una jueza rompe el silencio. >> en venezuela una jueza decidiÓ contar en un libro todo lo que le sucio dediÓ en una prn de su paÍs al defender su integridad por ejercer la maquinaria del presidente hugo chÁvez. >> en el libro la jueza marÍa lourdes a. le relata al periodista francisco o el varli que fue violada en prisiÓn. >> se determinÓ que tenÍa varias heridas por arma blanca y cicatrices. >> la ex directora del penal en donde supuestamente fue abusada sexualmente rechaza la versiÓn de que un guardia la bembarazÓ su salud deehechos que habÍa callado incluso a su familia. >> si fue golpeada por un problema que habÍa con una reclusa que se unieron. >> distintas organizaciones humanitarias co
lights are on. i'm anthony slaughter in for mike inouye, getting you up to speed with your traffic. >> at least we get a chance to enjoy the clear day as we take a clear live look at san jose this morning. it's tuesday, november 27th. this is "today in the bay." >>> good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning, everybody. this morning we are watching that weather as the bay area digs in for a series of storms. take a live look right now at san francisco. you can see some of those clouds hanging there. the bulk of that wind and rain will hit tomorrow, but as you can see, plenty of fog today. this morning we've got you covered. we have a team in place to give you a look at what you'll be facing when you head out that door. anthony slaughter is looking at your commute. meteorologist christina loren has your forecast. but we start things off with monte francis, who is live in san anselmo where creeks and rivers are at risk of flooding big-time. monte, good morning. >> reporter: well, jon, good morning. that's right, here in san ansel
caylee anthony disappeared someone went to look on the intent to look for specifics on suffocation. they missed it. the prosecution has egg all over their face and people all over the nation are asking, can we try this case again? >>shepard: you thought our military might get out of afghanistan? our presence could continue after the combat missions end. a top, or a series of top officials say an option under consideration called for 10,000 students to stay behind beyond 2014 when afghan forces will take over security. that is in direct contrast from withdrawal of iraq partly because they could be reconditioned to stay but doing it different in afghanistan will involve many of the same obstacles. and now jennifer, what are the military leaders saying? >>reporter: most defense officials assume there will be one more fighting season next year in afghanistan going in the spring and going through next fall. general allen the top u.s. commander in afghanistan reportedly wants to keep 60,000 troops through the fighting season, most of the troops who are already there. there are indication
missed in the casey anthony case. the sheriff just now admitting to a critical mistake. >>> and 50 years of rock 'n' roll never sounded so good. rolling stones begin their tour celebrating half a century on stage. >>> good monday morning, everyone. if you shop until you dropped this weekend, don't put your credit cards away just yet. >> no, on this cyber monday, online retailers are offering huge deals today, free of the crowds and all the chaos. and they are counting on making more money than ever before. we begin this morning with abc's tahman bradley. >> reporter: after a crowded weekend in stores, the national shopping spree continues online. cyber monday started at midnight. shoppers are expected to spend $1.5 billion online today. that's up $20 from last year's cyber monday. analysts predict it could be the biggest online shopping day of the year. but many people have already bought their holiday gifts. >> there were so many deals being offered online starting on wednesday all the way through the weekend and now some of that money has already been spent. >> reporter: you see custom
from our wallets. diane macedo thanks a lot. >>> police listen to this one, in the casey anthony case. admitted they missed an important google search on anthony's computer. full proof suffocation. would this vj a game changer? ? >> we told you a lot of kids are still getting presents even if they are on the nouty liaughty . are your kids on the naughty or the nice list? we will read some later in the show. with will see what peter doocy has on fox and friends. >> good tuesday morning. fox and friends kicks off in about 12 minutes from now. we have a woman whose home was damaged during sandy. she is a victim. she says the president of the united states broke his promise to her after sandy. stewart barney says 2013 shaping up to be 1937. the five best and worst foods to sleep on at the conclusion of the first hour of "fox & friends" kicks off right here on the fox news channel. these smartphones come with a bonus $100 walmart gift card? that's right. so it's like i won. sure. oh my gosh i won!!! i won!!! [ male announcer ] get a $100 walmart gift card when you buy any android or window
this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> mason: good evening, scott is off tonight, i'm anthony mason. after another day of air strikes and rocket attacks, israel and hamas are inching closer to a ground war in gaza. the palestinian militant group has fired more than 450 rockets at israel this this week. three israelis have been killed in the attacks. in response, the israeli air force has pounded hamas targets killing at least 28 palestinians, including some children. air raid sirens sounded today in major cities, including jerusalem and tel aviv. allen pizzey is there. >> reporter: nearly 100 rockets fired from gaza made it into israel today, sending people running for shelters. and for the first time ever, a missile reached the edge of jerusalem. the growing threat from hamas is pushing israel closer to a ground war. israeli troops and armor are massing along the board we are gaza. 16,000 reservists have already been called up and the cabinet approved plans that could raise that to 75,000. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu warned that his government was prepared to expand i
at the leaders, materials up 1.5%. coming up, former democratic congressman harold ford and our own anthony scaramucci of skybridge going head to head over which candidate is better for wall street and yourm. sometimes investing opportunities are hard to spot. you have to dig a little. fidelity's etf market tracker shows you the big picture on how different asset classes are performing, and it lets you go in for a closer look at areas within a class or sector that may be bucking a larger trend. i'm stephen hett of fidelity investments. the etf market tracker is one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. get 200 free trades today and explore your next investing idea. >>> welcome back as we make the turn. one half of this election day in the books today. let's get our top three trades. apple is higher for the second day in a row. it's a slight move. we just switched to chipotle on the wall but we are talking apple. it is below the 200 day moving average town 16% from the all-time high set on september 21. has apple found support? what do you make of this? 586. forget
. >> we've been talking to voters in all states as they've left the polls today. anthony mason is in the exiting poll information. what did the voters in ohio say? >> the battleground states. the polls have closed, all three of them still right here in the middle in the toss-up column. we want to turn our eyes to ohio and the 18 electoral votes as we've been talking about. look in ohio, it makes up a quarter of the electorate there. john mccain and barack obama just about split this vote. romney has slightly a better advantage, but again, very close. we asked the white working class voters who's more in touch with people like you? again, tight. but asked as who would do a better job with the economy? romney has a big advantage. 53% to 44%. these are white working class voters with no college degree who earn under $50,000, but this is one reason why ohio is still a toss-up, scott. >> anthony, thank you. nora, both candidates have been carpet bombing ohio with political advertising. the president started his advertising last summer and the folks in ohio have seen nothing but it s
to happen. what is it? senator rand paul is here next. also, remember little caylee anthony, she was murdered? her mother was the prime suspect. the jury said they didn't have the evidence. now there's grizzly evidence, evidence the jury never saw. former detective mark fuhrman is here. plus, who could remember when what's next? he's going to apply testosterone to his underarm. axiron, the only underarm treatment for low t, can restore testosterone levels back to normal in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18. axiron can transfer to others through direct contact. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant, and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied as unexpected signs of puberty in children or changes in body hair or increased acne in women may occur. report these signs and symptoms to your doctor if they occur. tell your doctor about all medical conditions and medications. do not use if you have prostate or breast cancer. serious side effects could include increased risk of prostate cancer; worsening prostate symptoms;
is here next. also, remember little caylee anthony, she was murdered? her mother was the prime suspect. the jury said they didn't have the evidence. now there's grizzly evidence, evidence the jury never saw. former detective mark fuhrman is here. plus, who could remember when charlie sheen left "two and a half men," and now another cast member wants to ditch the show. who is it and why? stay tuned. ♪ [ male announcer ] the mercedes-benz winter event is back, no matter which list you're on. [ santa ] ho, ho, ho, ho! [ male announcer ] lease a 2013 ml350 for $599 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. at your local when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. >> senator rand paul bracing something really big and ugly is going to happen. what is he talking? we spoke to senator rand paul a short time ago. senator, nice to see you, sir
-known churches in san francisco. >>> every year at saint anthony's new faces and those of families that come back year after year. >> we love the food. it is clean. >> this family have been coming to saint anthony's for 7 years. >> we also live in traditional housing. it is hard to meet the food bills. we are always short. >> saint anthony's will serve 4000 meals on this day. the need has increased despite improving economy. >>> our folks just back in 2008 felt the recession first. they'll feel the effects of coming out of it the last. >>> saint anthony's has been providing thanksgiving dinner for 63 years. and a few blocks away at clyde, the reverend williams has been feeding families for 50 years. >> the homeless and the poor and the people that are destitude get their needs meant at least several days of the year. >> they served several meals. reverend williams says it is important to give during the holidays. they need people's time all year. >> that's why the volunteers help. don't come on thanksgiving and christmas but come during the week of every year. >> of course the thanksgiving meals
this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> good evening, scott's off tonight, i'm anthony mason. two days ago mohamed morsi won widespread praise for brokering a cease-fire between israel and hamas. today thousands of egyptians protested at morsi granted himself broad new powers, putting his decisions above any court. morsi called the move temporary but at least 100 people were injured as protesters clashed with police in cities across egypt, including alexandria and the capital. holly williams begins our coverage tonight in cairo. >> reporter: thousands of egyptians poured on to the streets, furious with the country's first democratically elected president. they accused mohamed morsi of behaving like a pharaoh, making a power grab by presidential decree. during the arab spring, egyptians came together on tahrir square to top it will country's long-time dictator hosni mubarak. today mr. morsi's critics clashed with his supporters while police fired tear gas canisters into the crowd. "he's saying that he's our god" said this protester. "he's made a mistake." and this woman said that after
decided to campaign in iowa and pennsylvania tomorrow. >> carolyn: our laura anthony is in bop tonight where the romney campaign plans to hold its victory celebration. first, election day in chicago is shaping up quite differently thanked did four years ago. mark matthews was in grant park when the president was elected and is in chicago tonight with more on the preparations there. reporter: on the streets of chicago you do not see obama signs like four years ago. tonight, big donors met but you couldn't tell. san francisco's is one of the financial backers from the bay area. >> everytime he has come to town i have been in the line, and that's a little more than being out in the rafters. >> but she is going to be here at the mccormick center tomorrow night. we can't show you the inside of the hall. no pictures until tomorrow. tickets have been set aside for campaign volunteers, like the folks at this phone bank in chicago. tied they were calling volters in wisconsin and iowa, among them, this aide, debby. >> you can see the people so invested and committed here. i don't think anything
francisco st. anthony's continues to welcome curb side donations in preparation for the thanksgiving holiday. the demolition of the original dining hall has not hindered collection efforts. people can drive right up there. st. anthony's temporary location is much smaller but organizers still hope to surpass last years collection of 1,000 turkeys. >> the hilton hotel has been very generous letting us use their freezers and refrigeration units. we get the food here and we take it over to the hilton. it's great. >> the temporary setup will be in operation for the next two years in 2014 st. anthony's new dining hall will be complete. >>> 4:50. vice president biden says he will make sure the jersey shore is restored. telling super sandy storm victims says he -- says they have a home boy theta gets it. >> we're not going anywhere. and you've got a home boy in the deal who gets it. >> the vice president grew up in the region and spent summers on the shore as a child. some insist he was calling president obama a home boy and that the term was a racial confrontation. >>> people in the bay area took a
volver marc anthony pone su grano de arena para ayudar a los niÑos y ninel conde en las vegas volvemos despuÉs de la pausa. ♪. >> vamos a las noticias vicente fernÁndez ofrecio una ronda prensa en su rancho. >> gracias ddespuÉs e un mes que vicente fernÁndez pidiera que rezaran por Él hoy de auan ronda de prensa. >> acompaÑado de sus doctores dice que ya pasÓ el cÁncer . >> con cÁncer y sin cancer era muy peligroso porque iba a tapar los conductos y despuÉs a la vegida y despuÉs a la sangre y despuÉs tan tan >> el tumor le fue extirpado. >> muy feli por la oportunidad que me dio el seÑor por estar con ustedes y gracias a todos lo que rezaron por mÍ. >> de acuerdo al doctor se tratod e un tumor de 3 cms en una zona difÍcil de quitar. >> el reporte que tenemos es un reporte en el cual se dice que es t1 o sea no hay invasión es decir que esta eenfermedad staba localziada. >> cada aÑo se debe someter a una revisión>> >> temor a dios sÍ porque soy un hombre creyende espero dar buenas cuentas cuando estÉ con Él. >> Él retoma la gira del adiÓs. >> soy como un caballo.
, thank you. >>> evidence overlooked in the casey anthony murder trial. >>> an alleged shoplifter dies in the hands of walmart workers. >>> tumble into the record books. you're watching "early today." >>> here are some of the stories making news on this monday morning. smoke filled the air above the garment district in bangladesh for the second time in as many days. no reports of injuries from today's please. at least 112 people killed and 100 injured when a garment factory went up in flames saturday night. the cause is still under investigation. >>> in springfield, massachusetts, fire officials say human error caused the massive explosion that injured 21 people, leveled a strip club and destroyed one building. a gas company worker looking for a leak punctured a hole in a gas line. >>> at a walmart east of atlanta, georgia, a man suspected of shoplifting died yesterday. police say the man was in a physical altercation in the parking lot with two walmart associates who have been suspended and a contract security officer who was let go. a walmart statement said, "no amount of merchandise
dicker son with analysis. anthony mason reports on exit polls. byron pitts follows congress. from cbs news election headquarters, here again is scott pelley >> pelley: good evening. it's a state-by-state battle tonight for electoral votes. the magic number, you'll hear it all night, is 270. you'll also be hearing a lot tonight about the battleground states. nine states where the election is so close they could swing either barack obama or mitt romney. those are the nine battleground states. the polls have closed in only one of them, virginia, and the race there we do not have enough information yet to make a projection in the state of virginia. bob schieffer is, this is -- you've been covering presidential elections since 1972. >> not 57 of them! (laughs) >> pelley: quite a few, bob. i wonder. the polling is showing us that the election is very, very tight. what are you looking for tonight? >> well, the polls are showing this as a tie in the national vote. it all comes down to these nine battleground states the nation is deeply divided, scott the red states are very, very red. the blu
years now, st. anthony's in san francisco has welcomed curbside donations the day before thanksgiving. that effort is under way again. ktvu is live in the city to explain this year presents a unique challenge. ken? >> reporter: well, that challenge, you can see, that big change is right behind me. that's where the st. anthony's dining hall used to be. it's been demolished to make way for a new one. what they have done is moved the operations, the dining hall, and the curbside pickup across the street, just across the street. so it's just as easy to donate. it's a little more difficult to find a place to store that generosity. the cones that mark the curbside drop-off have moved from the right to the left side of the street, but the sign that tallies the turkeys is still there, as are the volunteers. as for the people donating? >> superconvenient. >> reporter: really nothing has changed, but that's not true for st. anthonys. the original building has been torn down. the kitchen and curbside drop-off, moved to st. anthony's temporary location across the street. >> so everything's smalle
at the age of 81. >> there we are. >> reporter: hagman rose to fame as good natured astronaut anthony nelson in the "i dream of jeanne." he came from a show business family. his mother was mary martin. hagman was candid about his personal life acknowledging years of heavy drinking that so damaged his liver he eventually needed a transplant. after many years of smoking, hagman quit and became an anti-smoking advocate. recently he acknowledged that his wife of nearly six decades as alzheimer disease and he was battling throat cancer. hagman's spirit never false terrified. earlier this year "dallas" was revived as a new series on tnt. in an appearance on this program in june of this year hagman told jeff glor what he thought about returning to television as the villain that everyone loves to hate. >> larry when they first came to you and said i want to reboot this what did you think? >> yahoo! >> dallas ran on cbs from 1979 to 1991. >> i don't understand why you think you've changed. >> his role as j.r. ewing made him a cultural icon and a symbol of 1980s american excess. h
>>> good morning. i am rebecca jarvis. >> and i am anthony mason. here are a few stories we'll look at at saturday. a powder keg in the middle east aerial assaults intensify as israel and hamas move to the bripg of all out war. >>> general petraeus on capitol hill caught up on a personal scandal. he gives his version of what happened in the september attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. >>> then holiday movies, from a return to middle earth to a boy and a tiger at sea on a very small boat. >>> and a high school football star unlike any you have ever seen living out his dream. all of that and so much more on cbs this morning saturday november 17th 2012. >>> good morning, thanks for being with us. welcome to the week end. >> happy weekend. >> we begin with the escalating crisis in the middle east. this morning israeli war planes bombed several targets in the hamas controlled gaza strip and israel called up thousands of reservist for a possible invasion and they spoke with israeli leaders on friday night reiterating israel has a right to defend
the applicants in the order that you are listed on our agenda today. so we will begin with anthony alagñ?ñ?ññ?ñ?ñ anthony alfidii. prepare to come up front. and we have a number of great9-y(9u applicants. i just want to say in advance thank you so much. it's so great tokeññcec@ have such interest in our veteran affairs commission because it is a very important body in the city and county of san francisco, and in particular as we have more veterans coming to the city and county, we certainly want to make sure that we are able to have a strong body that's available to advise the city on what we can do to assist our veterans who have served this country so graciously. i want to thank everyone1"58y that's applied. it will be a difficult decision for this committee because there are only three seats open. i want to thank you in it advance. i will call anthony anthony alfidii. >> linda wong: he indicated he does not wish to seat for reappointment, and therefore he wishes to withdraw his application. >> chair kim: i missed that
anthony jones and gregry wallace. it's interesting that gregory wallace, an african american man, was supposed to play mr. oge, an excentric neisei who likes literature. i thought it would be an interesting thing to do. but after a while we did a reading and we realized as good an actor as gregory is, it was pushing his limits for him to play a japanese american character in the late 40's. >> i imagine him as being much older. >> in the course of writing the play and using various actors, he became younger. this chinese actor is more like a character in his mid to late 30's, excentric, a career bachelor who is into russian literature and who fashions himself kind of patterned after the japanese artists of the 30's and 40's. he has round sort of glasses and a braid. but getting back to the question of creating characters, for example african american characters, i'm also caution -- i had written another play called johann that was about an african american gi and a japanese wife that got married in post war japan. i wrote that play 20 years ago. i wouldn't do it for about 8 years
and anthony mason. a countdown begins to automatic tax increases and huge budget cuts. wyatt andrews on the fiscal cliff. a nor'easter bears down on shores ravaged by sandy. ben tracy is there. we'll have the forecast. >> i don't know if we can mentally handle another storm. >> pelley: and one secret to the president's success was the changing face of america. anna werner on the new voters who helped push him over the top. captioning sponsored by cbs >> this is the cbs evening news with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. this is a spend one-hour edition. >> pelley: good evening. this is a special one-hour edition. $6 billion was spent on political campaigns and when they were over nothing much changed. republicans will still control the house, democrats the senate, and barack obama will still be president. this was the scene tonight as the president and the first family returned from chicago aboard air force one. they landed at joint base andrews right outside washington, d.c we will have a look at what you can expect from washington many the future, but first the latest returns.
anthony, 7-1. no anthony davis. out with an ankle injury. could have used him. that's anthony, laying it in. jason kidd, to carmelo, knocking down the three. and then, melo, driving. somehow gets that to go. bucket and a bonus. 8 of 9 in the first quarter and 19 points in that first frame. 23 at the half. knocking down a jumper in the second, there. we go to the third. it's kidd, to raymond felton. the point guard helping the point guard. knocking down a three. knicks have a big lead. and it's a lafer late. anthony, over ryhan anderson. the knicks improve to 8-1. they win 102-80, your final. >>> i'm randy scott, this has been your espn update. have a great day. >> a pretty extraordinary basketball story coming up in a second. >>> up next, "the pulse." and it all goes wrong when santa attempts some moves from "mission impossible." >>> and he is truly a big man on campus, after scoring 138 points in a single game. [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is
the face of "black friday". he's anthony pappas, president of his own firm, pappas group, a brand and advertising agency. >> susie: so, anthony, you say that black friday isn't the one day big event in retailing that it used to be? >> well, it is definitely changing. we're definitely seeing a shift that it actually goes through the weekend, and it seems to be kind of kicking off the season of buying. especially through the use of technology, being in stores is not necessarily the only way to get those deals and to get the benefits and the perks. >> susie: and that's exactly the point. now consumers are going in with their smartphone and with their tablets, and, of course, they have computers. how is that changing the whole shopping experience? and, also, how are retailers adapting to this? >> consumers are really looking for convenience. they're looking for ease of use. a lot of people want to avoid the crowds. you see retailers basically build mobile apps and other technologies that allow that experience to happen seamlessly. for instance, apple's apple store app that you can dow
of their season, for the first time since the '72-'73 season. first quarter, jason kidd to carmelo anthony. the alley-oop jam. and tyson chandler. chandler, 21 points, 13 boards on the night. knicks up. third quarter, now. anthony, how about a pullup "j." he had 23 points, 6 boards and 4 helpers. knicks up 69-64. fourth quarter. vince carter. 3 of his 25 points off the bench. mavericks have a seven-point lead. anthony drives. doing the work. getting the acrobatic shot to go. but the ref called offensive foul. take another look. tough call on anthony. the mavericks, they go on to win it, 114-111. >>> kevin durant and the thunder, taking on the clippers. third quarter, durant throws the ball to duncan. hits a lady in the face. ever a gentleman. kisses her on the forehead. apologizes. gentleman. late fourth quarter. nothing happened there. matt barnes, this basket. 19 points, 9 boards for him. clippers tie at 102-102. we go to overtime. in o.t., durant, 3 of his 35 points on the night. okc up four. later in overtime. russell westbrook, how about 2 of his 23 points? he also had nine helpers. t
failed to check during the investigation, the death of 2-year-old caylee anthony. >> and in weather dense fog developing right now. where that fog will be first thing tomorrow morning for your early morning commute and details in a big change in our weather pattern the first heavy rain band to arrive in the bay area. >>> numerous clashes between police and protests erupted in egypt again today including this one on the streets of cairo. the violence flaired last week when president morsi declared himself immune from the courts. so far one person has died and hundreds have been injured. >>> egypt's stock market plunged today and the first day since president morsi made his decree. today protesters are occupying tehrere square hoping to denounce the first president who made history. >> reporter: thousands of egyptians set up camp, their sediment making the world know they're there to stay a while. chanting revelation, revelation. >> this is just a beginning because it's over, he's become a dictator. >> reporter: over the last three days there have been violent clashes between anti morsi pro
they were done using a web browser they never searched. >> on the day caylee died someone on the anthony home computer ran searches an hour after george anthony said she left the home. disclosed the search with a term fool proof suffocation. now, one prosecutor told the local florida news station that the missed records would have put accidental death claim in question. >> this evidence didn't help the prosecution anyway, shape or form. it's no surprise to me ta it was not presented at trial. >> abc news legal analyst says the revelations are a moot point. >> casey anthony could confess and it won't change anything. she can say, here is how i did it. here is why i did it. here are the details she wouldn't be tried again because of double jeopardy. >> jose baez insist it would have bolstered feens because they were made after prosecutors contend casey anthony left the house. >> checking healthy living news this afternoon a recommendation says american teenagers should:.v have easier access to emergency contraception. the american academy of pediatrics suggest doctor dwrorz write prescript
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